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Emergency boiler repair Sevenoaks
Central Heating not working !!!!!

Have you just turned on your heating for the first time recently and it doesn't work ?  If so, put on a jumper, and read on ...

If you have no heating or hot water, your boiler is not functioning.

1. Check the boiler is turned on. Is there any electrical display light or LCD?

If the switch is on and no lights,, CAREFULLY check/swap the fuse and check the  fuse box/consumer unit).

2. If your system is pressurised (there will be a pressure gauge on the boiler or possibly elsewhere in an airing cupboard) check the pressure is between 1/2 and 1 1/2 bar.
If your system is not a pressurised one, you probably need to call Sevenoaks Gas ... 

If you have either heating or hot water:

Do you have a Combi ? (a combination boiler heats hot tap water on demand)

If not, you will have an airing cupboard with a hot water storage cylinder. Remember your Yes or No to having a combi ...

Do your radiators ONLY work when the hot water is on - or Vice Versa ?

If combi is a YES, then :  Your boiler's diverter valve needs replacing or something similar... (Check pressure as above)

If combi is a NO, you possibly have a failed 'motorised valve' - a electrically controlled valve  (or two) in your heating system. They determine whether the hot water from your boiler goes to heat radiators or provide hot tap water.

If it's still unclear what's going on, have a look at the  common faults page.

Call Sevenoaks Gas and I'll talk you through trying a repair - if it fails you might want to book an appointment.